As this journal came to a close, I had 25 months left in the Navy. It seemed like eternity… and in Navy time it was! Two years in real life flies by, but it seemed like an eternity in those days.

2006 was characterized by a move to the East side of Kailua; a nicer house. Gamecock moved into a different house with his new girlfriend and her daughter. (Still in Kailua though, right across the street from our old place.)

Our new roommate was Hokie’s buddy from his boat, the USS Columbia. Not as cool as Gamecock…

I continued to smoke, drink, gamble and work my ass off. The ship pulled out of Dry Dock #3 at the end of the summer of 2006.  (In the pouring rain… guess who was on duty that night and got woken up to go man phones top-side??  …Fuck!  I skipped out on the epic goat-rape that was ‘going into dry-dock,’ so I guess that’s just how the universe gets even with you).

I took some leave that summer and fell in love with a girl in Boston. She told me that she didn’t want to try to make it work out with me and I was devastated. Actually, she lied to me and told me that she had a boyfriend, some random dude in NYC. Whatever, liar.

Also, we got a new EDMC who was a 100% tool. I hated him and fantasized about murdering him with a 9mm round to the forehead from close range.

My life had become one big depressing ass-turd after another.  I had hit rock bottom… again.

There was literally an earthquake on the island in October 2006, and later that month a figurative earthquake in my life.

I found out that I was getting kicked out of the Navy.

I went to mast again and moved into the restriction wing of the horseshoe barracks. Restriction was better than being on the boat though, seriously. I flew to San Diego five weeks later and signed my separation papers on 5 Dec 2006 after spending seven total weeks on restriction.  (I was ‘awarded’ eight weeks by the CO at my mast.)

I flew back to the island from SD the next day and ran up credit card debt, drank every day, smoked cigarettes, played golf and got my shit ready to move back to the mainland.

I banged a couple of random broads.  One on an air mattress in what had now become my “office,” and the other in the new roommate’s bed.  (He was out on deployment.)

The air-mattress whore was probably one of the hottest chicks I had boned up to that point.  The only problem was that I had whisky-dick so fuckin’ bad that I couldn’t nut… She even tried putting a finger in my ass. (Not by request, mind you.  It was a total surprise!)  I returned the favor, but it had no effect on either of us.  I hit it again in the morning just to make it worth her time and effort.  She’s now a lesbian and a mother …and still hot.

The other gal was my first Asian hump that wasn’t an actual prostitute.  I came home from the bar after a pile of Jack-and-Cokes and I remember that it was windier than piss out.  It was gusting to like 35, 40 mph and I thought it would be a good idea to sneak into her room (my old room) and tell her that the wind was frightening me and that I wanted her to keep me company in the roommate’s bed.  After we were done screwing – which was amazing by the way – she looked down and noticed that her belly-button stud had fallen smooth-out.  I literally fucked her belly-button ring out!  So there we were – me stark-ass naked and her with just her panties on – all the lights in the room on – searching every inch of the joint for a belly-button ring.  I don’t even remember if we found it or not.  I was tired and just wanted to crash.  So that’s what I did…

A few days before the Super Bowl in 2007, I left the island of O’ahu and moved to Phoenix to start my life anew.

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