Mission #2 Hijinks

Some more dumb shit that we do out of sheer boredom underway: Romy
snorts a concoction of garlic powder and crushed red peppers…it
doesn’t bode well for him; Darko tried to hang by his feet from the
Aft Escape Trunk handle, his foot slips off and he lands violently on his
shoulder, he complains about it hurting for about a week following.

This mission was only 21 days; 6 days shorter than the previous mission.

A quickie compared to the last one.
Believe me — six days is a lot when you’re on mission.

On Saturday 5 Feb 2005 we pulled into Okinawa. Our radar mast was
broken so we had to pull in there to fix it. The good news is, we
get be in port for the Super Bowl! The bad thing was that we wasted an opportunity to explore the island and went directly to the E-club
on base and hung out with a bunch of asshole jarheads…

The club was okay, but they had slot machines. Odd. I didn’t
partake but a few guys did. I mostly hung out in the Country Bar
portion of the club. They were handing out Jello shots for free,
either that or they were insanely cheap, like a dollar. They tasted
funny, but they were cheap, and they were getting us sloshed, so we
kept firing them down. Me and Fozzie ended up getting completely
hammered. I had rented a single room from the on-base hotel, but
Fozzie had nothing so he came and crashed on my floor.

otcom.files.wordpress.com/2018/07/1200px-super_bowl_xxxix-svg.png”> Thank you AFN for broadcasting this to my hotel room.

The next day, F

[/caption]The next day, Fozzie did nothing but go from the floor to the bathroom
to puke, back to the floor. I laid around all day watching movies
and the Super Bowl [Pats v. Eagles]. I think at one point Fozzie
ordered some pizza and didn’t even touch a slice. I ate as much as I
could, and enjoyed my last few hours until it was time to leave the
‘Land of Miyagi.’ The Pats had won another Championship and on the 7th of February, we were on our way to…

Chinhae & Pusan, South Korea!

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    1. You’re absolutely right. What I meant is that we had a bad time — and that was our own fault. We wasted that opportunity to experience the island and I regret it deeply. I have changed the wording of that passage to be more concise with my feelings. Please keep reading! Thank you.

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