Dry Dock, Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard – Summer 2005

After I had closed the book on the whole Callysta saga, I was ready to find some new sense of normalcy. I was standing in the kitchen, reading some mail, when Gamecock came in from the garage. He had just gotten off a fairly lengthy underway and was still in his poopie-suit, carrying his sea bag…

Gamecock:  “Where’s Callysta?”

Me: “I kicked her the fuck out, man.”

He didn’t say anything. He just walked directly over to me and gave me a huge bro-hug. I thought he was going to cry he was so relieved to not have to deal with her shit anymore. It was then that I had realized that I had made the right decision to cut ties with Callysta.

Gamecock ended up warming up to my new puppy dog Kira, though. I realized that he wasn’t upset that I got a dog, he was pissed that I let Callysta talk me into it, and that we were, at that time, one step closer to making a stripper a permanent resident. That’s what upset him. Me and Gamecock’s friendship was back on track. He was talking to me again, and I didn’t feel like such an asshole anymore.

July and August consisted of me drinking heavily, almost at an alcoholic’s clip, hanging out with my terrorist puppy dog, working for the tagout team at shipyard, a SNOB turnover on August 12th, golfing, growing mushrooms in our closet, etc. Later in the SY period I would get fired from the tagout team because our chief could never find me when he needed me. That was because I was hardly ever there. I would show up at the tagout team office, and if there wasn’t anything going on that day, I would sneak out a side gate undetected and go home and change into golfing clothes and be on the course by one in the afternoon!

A Los Angeles-class submarine in Dry Dock #3 at PHNSY.  Year unknown.

I was starting to get careless and lazy. Shipyard life breeds complacency. That August was hot as hell, and I was starting to hate even the laid back atmosphere of PHNSY. But then September would roll around and life was about to get crazy yet again.


“Wake me up when September ends.” -Green Day

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