Goodbye Kira

The time had come where I had realized that getting a dog was a huge mistake as well. She was a terrorist. I’d come home and the couch pillows would be shredded to shit, cotton everywhere. She also liked to shit in the corners of the dining room. Apparently she had swallowed some cotton on this particular day and so there was now cottony dog shit in the corner. She pissed everywhere and was too stupid to use the doggy door. I loved having her around but it was getting to be just too much.

Finally, on September 22nd 2005 I put her in my car and drove to the Humane Society and gave her away. I told the guy that it was my ex-girlfriend’s dog and she moved back to Guam and I was going on deployment and would be able to look after her anymore. This wasn’t much of a stretch, but it was good enough for the clerk guy. As he was hauling her into the back room, she was barking and gnashing at her leash. The clerk guy just gave me a disappointed look as if to say…

“You’re a shitty father.”

I was bummed the whole rest of the weekend. I had secretly hoped that they find her a new family, but the reality is that they probably put her down.

I suck.

Bye.  😦

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