Taco meets Callysta – Guam, USA – November 2004

Later that night, or I should say early the next morning 21 Nov, the
strip clubs were closing. They’re typically open until about 3 or 4
am, but then there’s this place that opens at like 4 am. I can’t
remember the name of the place, but they serve drinks and pupu’s,
bacon-wrapped shrimp and shit like that. We met up with Nugget
there, and I was standing at the bar. Of course Nugget was talking
to a couple of girls, both strippers. There’s not a white girl on
that island that’s not a stripper.

Nugget: “Hey Fish! Get over here!”

I walk over.

Nugget: “Ask this girl where she’s from.”

Me: (to the cute dark haired girl standing there) “Where are you from?”

Callysta: “Minnesota.”

Me: “No way!  That’s awesome. I’m from Monticello.”

Callysta: “I’m from Buffalo!  This is crazy.”

Me: “What the fuck are you doing out here!?”
Callysta: “What brings you out here, Navy?”

Me: “I asked you first…”

Callysta: “I’m a stripper.”

Me: “That’s awesome. Yeah, I’m a sailor. We should get married, right?!”

She was cute enough… and wild! Wall-to-wall personality on this
one. I couldn’t leave her side. I didn’t want to. Nugget was
chatting up her blonde friend, and somehow we decided to head out to
the beach to watch the sunrise. It was on the walk to the beach that
I realized that I wasn’t sleeping that night, work hard, play harder
I guess right? We get to the beach, find some chairs, chat for while
and get bored. We see a paddle boat and decide to commandeer it.
The trip was short, paddling is hard work.

As we’re pulling it back to shore, a little skinny Chamorro guy is
standing there yelling at us. He was saying that we stole his boat
and was demanding that we give it back. I was about 5 feet into the
water and shoved it back to the guy, my pants are soaked, and so are
Callysta’s. We’re laughing and flirting as Nugget flips the Chamorro
a fiver. I put my arm around Callysta and then it happened…we
kissed. I loved how aggressive she was. I knew that we both new
that we wanted to fool around, and she made the first move. I loved

We walked all over Tumon, eventually making a pit stop at Nugget’s
room where Weezy and Mongo were passed out. The strippers
immediately made their presence known. I think Callysta bit Weezy on
the back. They were both pissed that me and Nugget brought two
strippers back. All I wanted to do was get back to my room, take a
shower and hit the hay for some shuteye.

Tumon, Guam, U.S.A.

We eventually make it back to my room at the Hilton and I say,
“Well…fuck you all. I’m getting in the shower.” I head to the
bathroom and start wondering if Callysta is going to come in and join
me. Hoping is probably the best word, so purposely left the door
unlocked. Sure as shit, the door opens and the shower curtain get
thrown back. It’s Callysta and she’s standing there looking directly
at my junk, which I made zero effort to cover up. I made sure to
work up a halfie before she got there so as not to embarrass myself.
She shuts the curtain and the door, and I thought that was that.
A few seconds later, she’s buck naked and crawling into the shower
with me. It was the first time I’d seen her naked. She had an
awesome body, and started rubbing it all over me. I don’t want this
to turn into a Playboy Forum article, so I’ll skip to afterwards. I
don’t know how, but when we finished. We shut off the water and were
still laying down in the tub. We threw open the curtain to see that
her jeans were laying on the floor in about an inch of water.
Somehow, the entire bathroom was wet, just covered in water. My
jeans were luckily on the counter, so I gave her mine, put on my
swim-shorts and went back out to the room.

When I got out there…

PeeWee: “What were you doing in there?”

Me: [sarcastically]. “Nothing,” I said as I was turning around to pick
something up off the floor.

PeeWee: “Omigod!”

Me: “What?”
Apparently I had red scratch marks all over my back. Callysta really
got into it in the shower.

PeeWee: “It looks like you just raped a
badger or some shit!”

The rest of the day, PeeWee pretended to be annoyed by the presence
of the two strippers. Callysta was walking around topless all
afternoon, and PeeWee was pretending that he didn’t like it.

Callysta ordered room service, no food. Just a fruity alcoholic

We decided to head down to the cantina and get some grub. It
was at the cantina that me and Callysta started to get some time
alone (other than the shower in my hotel room). Finally, I got to
get to know her, really. I recall really falling for her as a Maroon
5 song came over the satellite radio that they had piped into the
cantina. It was the song, “She Will Be Loved” I had it in my head
for the next month or so, it was awful. I’m actually listening to
that song and the CD it came off of right now, trying to help spark

That night, we just laid in bed, trying but unable to sleep. I had
duty the next day and it was the same old thing that I went through
with SeattleGirl up in Canada. I got Callysta’s number and email
address so we could stay in touch. I found out that her stage name
was Callysta Lynn because her email was callystalynn@blahblah.com I
asked her who Callysta Lynn was and she told me that was her stage
name. Up to that point I had only known her by her real name.
We were supposed to be getting underway to go one mission Tuesday,
the day after my duty day, but the Starboard SSTG had a steam leak,
so we had to fix that first. That meant that I had an extra day in
Tumon. I came to find out that Callysta was working that night. She
worked at a place called Hollywood’s, but all new it as “Girls,
Girls, Girls” because that’s what was written on the wall on the way
up the steps into the place. I finally got to see Callysta in her
element, doing her job, and she was good at it! Not just good, the
best in Tumon. She had this hard edge to her dances and chose music
like Marylin Manson and the like. I was floored, and in love. Yeah,
that’s right. I fell in love with a stripper…in Guam.

Callysta begged me to pay 120 bucks for a private dance so she could
say goodbye properly. We went back to the private room and she blew
my mind. We didn’t do anything sexually, but she gave me by far, to
this day even, the best private dance I’ve ever gotten. I bid her
adieu and headed back to the barracks. The next morning, I called
her from the boat a few hours before we disconnected the phone lines
and headed out on mission. I was about to disappear from the face of
the planet for about 4 weeks, no phone, no email, no nothing, and I
just wanted to call her and let her know that I had a good time, that
I wouldn’t forget the good times we had, and that I would get in
touch with her as soon as I could.

I never once said, “I love you” to her. I wanted to many times, but
never did. Maybe because I never truly did. I certainly was
infatuated after that first time with her in Guam. Whatever. More
on the Callysta saga to come later…

(Quote of the month for November, 2004)
“I know that goodbye means nothing at all, comes back and begs me,
catch her every time she falls…”   -Adam Levine, Maroon 5 “She Will
Be Loved”

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